Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Diagnostic of soil forming processes of Zheltozem podzolic (pseudopodzolic) soils from Strandzha Mountain
Toma Shishkov and Emil Dimitrov
Abstract: The paper deals with contemporary approach of macro- and micro- morphological diagnostic of the advanced soil forming processes in zheltozem podzolic (pseudopodzolic) soils, according to their intensity and place of manifestation. The complexity is driven and sustained by a combination of factors and tend to be case specific of soil forming processes in soil characterized with features that have taken hundreds or thousands of years to form. The aim is to apply the robust indicators that endorse evolution of soils result of regional specific ambient environment. The detailed diagnostic of zheltozem podzolic (pseudopodzolic) soils reveals leading soil forming processes that put their marks in genetic horizons and reorganized constituent which actually is a result of complexity of advanced soil formation. Indication for lessivage process is the mobility of fine clay and its accumulation particularly at the lower part of the illuvial horizon. Intensive and deeply affected weathering process was identified in almost all soil horizons as well indication of hydromorphic processes.
Keywords: macro- and micro- diagnostic; pedogenetic processes; pseudopodzolic soil; thin section
Date published: 2022-03-11
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