Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Karyological and morphological variability of Suaeda salsa (L.) Pall. in Bulgaria
Neli Grozeva and Stefka Atanassova
Abstract: The karyological and morphological intrapopulation and interpopulation variability of Suaeda salsa populations in Bulgaria have been studied in quest of reliable characteristics to distinguish the species from the remaining members of the genus. In all studied populations a tetraploid chromosome number 2n = 36 and a karyotype of metacentric and submetacentric chromosomes have been registered with the metacentric ones being dominant. Vegetative traits are more variable than generative ones. More pronounced is the interpopulation morphological variability, which is probably due to the different environmental conditions, and in some of the populations it also correlates with the recorded karyotype differences. Two types of stomata have been registered: anomocytic and paracytic. Data about the pollen have been presented: pantoporate, spherical, with diameter from 21.1 to 25.81 μm and pore diameter from 1.91 to 2.46 μm. The karyotype has been described for the first time and data have been published about the type of stomata and pollen morphology of S. salsa from Bulgarian populations.
Keywords: Bulgaria; karyology; morphology; Salsola salsa
Date published: 2022-03-11
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