Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Investigation of the influence of humidity during granulation of organomineral fertilizer based on poultry manure
Yuriy Ivanovich Enakiev, Ivan Enchev Mortev and Blagoj Pero Elenov
Abstract: The process of granulation of organomineral fertilizer, created on the basis of poultry manure, with a horizontal flat matrix, was investigated. The influence of the humidity of the organomineral fertilizer on the studied parameters of the granulation process was determined: the power consumption, output of the granulation machine, the specific energy consumption and PDI. The optimal humidity of the organomineral fertilizer is determined, at which the granulation process proceeds with lower energy consumption. We have obtained granules having a diameter of 6 mm and strength of the granules 95-96%, which are suitable for mechanical fertilization.
Keywords: granulation; horizontal flat matrix; humidity of organomineral fertilizer; organomineral fertilizer; PDI; power consumption; productivity; specific energy consumption
Date published: 2022-02-16
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