Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Variability, correlation and path analysis in Lupinus albus L. genotypes under South Bulgarian conditions
Sofia Petrova
Abstract: Lupine is rich protein crop with many uses – except for fodder, this crop can find place in the food and cosmetics industries, and its beautiful flowers are also identified as an ornamental plant. The aim of the research was to study the heritability, simple correlations and to determine direct and indirect contributions of certain traits to grain yield in white lupin accessions. Determination of the relationship between the grain yield and its indices and some biological traits and its impact of the grain yield of the Lupinus albus L. genotypes will be determined by correlation and path coefficient analyses. The genetic and phenotypic coefficient of variation and broad-sense heritability were estimated for all studied traits. The estimated heritability and expected genetic advance were high for the traits – plant height, height to the first pod, number of pods per plant, number of grains per plant, mass of grains per plant, 100 grains mass suggesting that these traits were more useful for varietal improvement program. The genetic variability revealed highly significant difference for all the characters. The grain yield was significantly correlated with followed traits – number of main branches, number of pods per plant, number of grains per plant and number of grains per pod. Path coefficient analysis revealed that number of grains per plant, number of pods per plant and 100 grains mass had the highest positive direct effects on grain yield. Several accessions were selected possessing extreme values of some of the traits. The accession with number 57113 was the earliest maturing genotype with tall plants. The number of pods and grains per plant, number of grains per pod and 100 grains mass can be used as selection criteria for improvement grain yield from Lupinus albus in South Bulgarian region.
Keywords: correlation; direct and indirect effects; genetic variability; heritability; lupinus
Date published: 2022-02-16
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