Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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The impact of varieties, inter-row spacing and doses of fertilizers on fruit productivity and effectiveness of pumpkin production in the South of Ukraine
Gennadiy Karashchuk, Vadym Ilchuk and Sergiy Lavrenko
Abstract: The paper presents the results of the research on the impact of doses of mineral fertilizers and inter-row spacing on fruit productivity of pumpkin. The research was conducted in 2017-2019 in dark-chestnut slightly alkaline soils. The experiment scheme included the following factors and their variants: the varieties Yanina, Dolia, Rodzynka; the inter-row spacing: 70 cm, 140 cm, 210 cm; the doses of fertilizers: without fertilizers, N30P30, N60P60, N90P90. The experimental data were processed by the standard ANOVA procedure within MS Excel software. A steady level of fruit productivity of pumpkin with high economic indexes in the South of Ukraine is reached when growing the varieties Dolia and Rodzynka with the inter-row spacing of 140 and applying N60P60. We established that the application of these techniques allows achieving the fruit productivity at the level of 25-30 t/ha, the net profit being 63024 and 78026 UAH/ha, and the level of profitability being 165.1 and 201.2%.
Keywords: doses of fertilizers; economic efficiency; inter-row spacing; productivity; pumpkin; varieties
Date published: 2022-02-16
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