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Assessment of yield performance and related attributes of selected soybean (Glycine max L. Merrill) genotypes in southwest coastal region of Bangladesh
Bornali Saha and Md. Matiul Islam
Abstract: The experiment was conducted at the Agronomy Laboratory and Field Laboratory of Agrotechnology Discipline, Khulna University, Khulna, during the period of February to May 2021 under the agro-ecological zone: AEZ-13 (Ganges Tidal Flood Plain). Ten soybean genotypes (varieties) have been released in Bangladesh viz. BD-4, Sohag, BARI Soybean-5; BARI Soybean-6, BINA Soybean-1, BINA Soybean-2, BINA Soybean-3, BINA Soybean-4, BINA Soybean-5 and BINA Soybean-6. All of them were selected for the study. The Agronomy laboratory experiment was carried out to evaluate the performance of selected soybean varieties under 5 different salinity treatments (0 dS m-1, 2 dS m-1, 4 dS m-1, 8 dS m-1 and 16 dS m-1) with 3 replications. In laboratory experiment, conducted following Completely Randomized Design (CRD), BINA Soybean-6 showed highest germination rate (100%), longest root length (19.12±0.91 cm) and highest number of lateral roots per seedling (10.53±0.35), while BINA Soybean-2 produced maximum fresh weight (0.53±0.05 g) and dry weight (in 0 dS m-1, 2 dS m-1 and 4 dS m-1 treatments) per seedling. The field experiment was laid out in a simple randomized design. Each plot size was (3×2.5) m2. Significant variation was found among the varieties in respect of observed parameters. BARI Soybean-6 showed the tallest plant height (50.2±1.44 cm) and highest number of nodes (11.8±0.33) per plant while BINA Soybean-3 produced highest number of leaves per plant (22.9±1.02). Highest pod- shell weight (10.09±0.86 g) was recorded in BINA Soybean-5. BINA Soybean-5 also produced highest number of pods (64.1) and seeds (146.4) per plant while the maximum stem dry weight (8.46±1.05 g) was recorded in BINA Soybean-4. The highest number of branches per plant (4.6) and highest 100-seed weight (13.15 g) was recorded in BINA Soybean-2. Highest seed yield per plant was observed in BINA Soybean-5 (14.302 g) followed by BINA Soybean-2 (14.225 g) while BINA Soybean-6 produced the lowest seed yield (8.495 g) and showed inferior yield attributes. BD-4 was the early matured variety and required 101 days to attain maturity while BINA Soybean-2 and BINA Soybean-5 required 106 days to mature fully. Among the selected ten varieties, BINA Soybean-2 and BINA Soybean-5 showed superior performances than other varieties. Moreover, BINA Soybean-2 performed comparatively better than BINA Soybean-5 under different levels of salinity stresses. Hence, BINA Soybean-2 was the most appropriate genotype for better yield and other performances in the salinity affected southwest coastal region of Bangladesh.
Keywords: genotypes; performance; salinity; soybean; yield contributing attributes
Date published: 2022-02-16
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