Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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The effects of job training on farm incomes: the case of the Kentucky tobacco in Benevento area.
Prof. Adele Coppola, Ianuario Sara
Abstract: Since 2010 the decoupling of CAP aids was extended to the tobacco sector. Several studies demonstrated that tobacco is not profitable without EU aids and the survival of the sector is possible only if farmers undertake a strategy of costs decrease, if market price increases or farmers are able to enhance product quality. The present work analyzes how technical training can affect the economic performance of tobacco growers. The analysis summarizes the results of a project implemented within RDP 2007-2014 of the Campania Region and focuses on Kentucky tobacco, used in Sigaro Toscano®, and on the implementation of leaves selection and setting up at farm level. Results demonstrate that these activities can help farmers to improve the production value and underlines the still relevant need of training and extension services.
Keywords: Business organization, product improvement, job training, farm income, Kentucky tobacco.
Date published: 2017-02-22
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