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Comparing the anesthetic effect of clove and peppermint oil in juvenile European catfish, Silurus glanis (Linnaeus, 1758)
Vasilka Krasteva, Maria Yankova and Tania Hubenova
Abstract: In this research, the effect of two anaesthetic agents (clove oil and peppermint oil) is studied in juvenile European catfish (Silurus glanis) with an average body weight of 8.62 ± 1.61 g. Three concentrations of clove oil are tested: 0.02 ml.l-1, 0.04 ml.l-1 and 0.06 ml.l-1, while the concentrations of peppermint oil are six: 0.02 ml.l-1, 0.04 ml.l-1, 0.06 ml.l-1, 0.08 ml.l-1, 0.1 ml.l-1 and 0.12 ml.l-1. The induction and recovery phases of anesthesia are measured for every fish and are described according to Hamackova et al. (2006). The induction of anesthesia and the recovery time from it, depend significantly on the concentration of the anaesthetic used (P<0.05). A linear exponential correlation is observed between concentration and recovery time for clove oil (r=0.93) and mint oil (r=0.72). Higher concentration values correspond to a shorter induction time for both anesthetics (r=0.97; r=0.85). Based on the results from the study, it can be concluded that clove oil is more suitable anesthetic agent, compared to mint oil, for juvenile European catfish.
Keywords: anesthesia; clove oil; European catfish; peppermint oil; Silurus glanis
Date published: 2021-12-19
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