Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Analysis of two-row barley accessions by commercial traits for selection purposes
Toshka Popova and Darina Valcheva
Abstract: The study was conducted during the period 2016-2018 in the experimental field at the Institute of Agriculture in Karnobat, Bulgaria. Eighteen breeding lines of winter two-row barley were studied. The accessions were assessed by basic economic traits. Correlation and multiple linear regression analysesеs were applied to establish statistically proven relationships between the main structural elements of yield. As a result from the study and the accessions characteristic made by some economic traits was established a diversity of forms manifesting good combination of traits where line L 4384 was one of the best. Statistically proven correlations were established between spike length, number of grains per spike and grain weight per spike, between number of grains per spike and grain weight per spike, as well as between grain weight per spike and 1000-grain weight. The created regression equation showed that the grain weight per spike depends on the number of grains per spike and 1000-grain weight.
Keywords: accession; correlation analysis; economic traits; principal component analysis; two-row barley
Date published: 2021-12-16
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