Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Study on some economic indicators, characterizing the production efficiency of raising Ile de France sheep I. Comparative analysis of economic results in different production units
Stanimira Slavova and Evgeniya Achkakanova
Abstract: The object of research was to estimate the main economic indicators related to production efficiency – revenues, costs, profit and profitability of Ile de France sheep farms in three different regions of Northern Bulgaria for a 3-year period (2018-2020). Production system was semi-intensive, stable-pasture, with feeding in winter and grazing in summer. Profit was calculated as a difference between total revenues and total costs, and profitability rate as a ratio between profit and total costs. Data were processed using a mathematical-statistical model and Excel computer program. Profit and profitability were calculated negative on Farm 2 – BGN -51.62 and -8.97%, respectively, and positive on Farm 1 (BGN 250.27 and 57.28%) and Farm 3 (BGN 59.83 and 23.98%). Based on the obtained results, it can be summarized that the farm size does not determine the amount of revenues, but rather animal productivity, applied technologies and management strategy. The availability of pastures and feed self-production also contribute to higher economic results on farms. In order to achieve economically efficient production, it is necessary to find the optimal ratio between the costs of purchasing and raising highly productive animals and the revenues from sales, taking into account the risk of investment as well.
Keywords: costs; Ile de France sheep; profit; profitability; revenues
Date published: 2021-10-19
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