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Efficacy of certain herbicides on weeds in maize
Shtelyana Kalinova and Sonya Goranovska
Abstract: The investigation was carried out at the experimental field of Institute of maizе – Knezha on leached chernozem. The following variants were included in the experiment: K0 (Zero control) – without herbicides and hoeings, weed infested in natural background; K1 (Economic control) – without herbicides, with 2 hoeings; Merlin flex – 42 g/ha-1, Ekip 4 SK – 250 ml/ha-1, Basis 75 DF – 2.5 g/ha-1. The tested herbicides showed a high selectivity to maize. Herbicide Merlin Flex (izoxaflutol) – 420 g/ha-1 applied after sowing, before crop emergence and Ekip 4 SK (foramsulfuron) in doses 200 ml/ha-1 and 250 ml/ha-1, inserted at a faze 4th–5th plant leaf, showed a good herbicide effect. In the conditions of the field experiment the studied preparations destroyed from 63.33% 76.67% of the weeds, which averted the initial weed infestation at the experimental plots. A very good effect against Jonson grass was reported after treatment with Basis 75 DF (rimsulfuron + thifensulfuron), which destroys up to 96% of the Johnson grass from seeds and up to 90% of the Johnson grass from rhizomes. The highest yield is from maize hybrid Knezha 613 in the variant with the preparation Basis 75 DF in a dose 2.5 g/ha-1.
Keywords: efficacy; herbicides; maize; weeds
Date published: 2021-09-16
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