Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Impact of biofertilizers on the rhizosphere microflora in pepper cultivated as organic farming system
Veselka Vlahova and Vladislav Popov
Abstract: Organic fertilizers have a positive effect on soil biogenicity, its physicochemical properties, as they increase the content of soil microorganisms. This paper aims to investigate the effect of selected biofertilizers on one of the agroecological parameters, namely the changes in the population of the rhizosphere microflora. The experiment was conducted in 2009-2011 at the Agroecological Center at the Agricultural University – Plovdiv with the variety of pepper Sofiiska Kapia. The above was observed for the combination of biofertilizers with the two basic fertilizations, as well as for the independent application in optimum concentration. The applied biofertilizers as nutrition additionally stimulated the development of microorganisms, which was expressed best for Emosan, Baikal, and Bio One. The change in the development of microbial populations may affect the quantity of accessible nutrients absorbable by pepper and may enrich the soil cenosis by improving soil fertility.
Keywords: biofertilizers; organic agriculture; pepper; rhizosphere microflora
Date published: 2021-09-14
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