Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Innovations in the professional education of teachers and trainers in the field of sustainable agriculture development
Tonya Georgieva, Yvonne Grau, Malgorzata Berova, Rumyana Georgievaand Yordan Yordanov
Abstract: European, and in particular Bulgarian agriculture, faces serious challenges. In addition to produce high-quality food, it must meet the growing needs of environmental protection, while providing good and secure jobs. Technological changes and advancing digitalization have penetrated almost all production sectors, especially agriculture. According to the principles of Education for Sustainable Development and the Digital Education Plan, politicians require adequate professional qualifications.
The article presents a model for implementing Education for Sustainable Development in the system of vocational education with examples of soil quality management, water management and training in occupational safety and health. Training materials have been developed to be used for the development of systematic thinking through innovative pedagogical technologies. Methodological guidelines for using a 5-level pedagogical concept in the implementation of Education for Sustainable Development are presented.
The development was made with the support of the Erasmus + program within the AgriTrain project (www.agri-train.eu).
Keywords: education for sustainable development; environment; pedagogical concept; sustainability; sustainable management of agriculture
Date published: 2021-09-13
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