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Financial stability analysis in the wine sector at the companies from republic of Moldova based on the integral indicator procedure usage
Neli Muntean, Iulian Muntean, Atanas Sevov and Rina Turcan
Abstract: The financial stability is one of the most important aspect faced by the entity during the pandemic situation created by COVID 19. The purpose of this report is to introduce and expand the fundamental problems concerning financial stability assessment on the Moldavian entities. The last time the financial stability assessment issues in different branches of national economy, are the subject of scientists’ research, a single model for estimating the level of financial stability for the Moldavian companies has not been developed yet. Under such conditions increases significantly the need for the quantitative measurement of this phenomenon. In the present article, we intended to present the integral indicator procedure that can be used to measure the financial stability level, emphasizing at the same time the limits of this method. Thus, the following study, developed as a fusion of existing knowledge and authors own research, aims to provide a basis for reflection and discussion with theorists, practitioners and analysts within the financial domain.
Keywords: assessment; bankruptcy risk; integral indicator method; wine sector
Date published: 2021-09-13
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