Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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B. Milovic, V. Radojevic
Abstract: Today, agricultural organizations work with large amounts of data. Processing and retrieval of significant data in this abundance of agricultural information is necessary. Utilization of information and communications technology enables automation of extracting significant data in an effort to obtain knowledge and trends, which enables the elimination of manual tasks and easier data extraction directly from electronic sources, transfer to secure electronic system of documentation which will enable production cost reduction, higher yield and higher market price. Data mining in addition to information about crops enables agricultural enterprises to predict trends about customer’s conditions or their behavior, which is achieved by analyzing data from different perspectives and finding connections and relationships in seemingly unrelated data. Raw data of agricultural enterprises are very ample and diverse. it is necessary to collect and store them in an organized form, and their integration enables the creation of agricultural information system. Data mining in agriculture provides many opportunities for exploring hidden patterns in these collections of data. These patterns can be used to determine the condition of customers in agricultural organizations.
Keywords: agricultural enterprises; agriculture; data mining; data processing; information systems
Date published: 2017-09-07
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