Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Method for determining the energy consumption for dynamic tearing off the peanut gynophores
Stoyan Ishpekov, Nayden Naydenov and Rangel Zaykov
Abstract: One of the main reasons for the losses in mechanized harvesting of peanuts is the insufficient strength of the gynophores that bind each fruit to the stem of the plant.
A method for determining the energy consumption for dynamic tearing off single peanut fruits from gynophore is justified and based on the pendulum principle. The derived dependencies show that the mentioned energy is influenced by the generalized inertia moment of the rotating parts and the angular velocity of the pendulum before and after the tearing off the fruit. An experimental device for determining the mentioned energy consumption has been developed. It provides opportunities to study the influence of factors that determine the dynamic strength of gynophore, which is crucial for fruit loss at mechanized peanut harvesting. The device can be used for breeding and selection of peanut varieties that are suitable for mechanized harvesting.
Keywords: losses; mechanized harvesting; peanut
Date published: 2021-08-27
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