Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Phytopathological assessment of reaction of genotypes from variety group burley tobacco to economically important viral diseases
Yonko Yonchev and Yovko Dyulgerski
Abstract: During the period 2008-2018 is carried out an immunological study of the response to PVYn (necrotic strain) and TMVTGM strain of nine inducted and five Bulgarian varieties Burley tobacco variety group, which are the parent of twenty-three prospective consolidated tobacco lines of the same variety group included in the study. Reported is the development of economically important viral diseases sipanitza and ordinary tobacco mosaic at the tested genotypes of tobacco placed under natural conditions of infection. The phytopathological evaluation of fourteen Burley tobacco varieties showed that resistant of strain TMV-ТGM are the predominant part of genotypes, with only two of them react with sensitivity. Seven samples are responding to PVYn as resistant, and seven are sensitive. It is established difference in the results obtained for reaction of Tennessee 86 varieties to strain TMV-TGM and the data reported in the literature. Differences in the results are obtained and the literatures exist also for two Bulgarian varieties: Burley 2115 variety and Burley 1000 variety. Of tested twenty-three lines Burley tobacco, eighteen of them have complex resistance to the two viruses with which it is working. The remaining lines are showed sensitivity to one of the two viruses.
Keywords: Burley tobacco; phytopathological assessment; PVY; TMV
Date published: 2021-08-25
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