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Fertilizing dosage on three patchouli varieties (Pogostemon cablin Benth.) to reduce the effects of drought stress
Nasruddin, Erwin Masrul Harahap , Chairani Hanum and Luthfi Aziz Mahmud Siregar
Abstract: The research aims to obtain fertilizer dosage and patchouli tolerant varieties in an effort to reduce the effects of drought stress. Conducted in a plastic house using a split split plot design in the randomized block designs with three factors and repeated twice, namely the factor of water supply (K) in the field capacity (fc) as the main plot, the variety factor (V) as the subplot and a fertilizer dose factor (P) as the sub-subplots. Parameters observed were plant height, root length, root wet weight, root dry weight, canopy wet weight, dry weight of the plant, root canopy ratio, chlorophyll, and proline content. The results showed that the lower field capacity reduced plant height, chlorophyll content, increase root length, root wet weight and proline content. Tapaktuan varieties have a good adaptation to drought stress. A dose of 128.8 kg N/ha + 25 kg P2O5/ha + 84 kg K2O/ha + 42 kg MgO/ha produces better plant growth and yield compared to other doses, while a dose of 311 kg N/ha + 35 kg P2O5/ha + 394 kg K2O/ha + 63 kg MgO/ha could reduce the impact of drought stress with lower proline levels.
Keywords: chlorophyll; drought stress; fertilizer dosage; patchouli alcohol; proline; varieties
Date published: 2021-08-25
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