Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Feeding ewe lambs replacing sunflower meal with soybeans and peas
Ina Stoycheva
Abstract: There is insufficient data on the direct use of grain legumes as protein sources in the feeding of ruminants and, in particular, of sheep and lambs. The purpose of this study is to track the growth and consumption of feed in female lambs for breeding in weight of 19.4 kg when replacing sunflower meal “Sunpro 46” with a high protein content, with peas and thermally treated soybean grain. 30 female lambs of Pleven Black face breed were used. Lambs from all three groups received an equal amount of compound feed of 18% protein content. It was found that the thermally treated soybean and pea grains as protein sources in compound feed for lambs did not have a meaningful impact on the weight development of female lambs for breeding with weight from 19 kg to 28 kg. An average daily weight gain of 0.205-0.209 kg for female lambs was obtained in the three types of rations, respectively with the participation of sunflower meal “Sunpro-46” and grain of soybeans and peas. Feed intake per 1 kg weight gain is 4.9 kg DM, regardless of the protein source in the ration (sunflower meal, soybeans and peas).
Keywords: feeding; female lambs; peas; soybeans
Date published: 2021-06-09
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