Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Different irrigation technologies on irrigation scheduling and production of onion
Vesela Petrova-Branicheva
Abstract: Fields studies were conducted on the territory of the experimental field Chelopechene to IPAZR “N. Poushkarov” on leached cinnamon forest soil. They were examined variants with different irrigation technologies in an optimal and reduced irrigation regime of onion: V1 – mikrosprinkler irrigation equipment – 100% irrigation rate; V2 – subsurface drip irrigation – 100% irrigation rate, V3– subsurface drip irrigation – 50% irrigation rate; V4 – surface drip irrigation – 100% irrigation rate; V5 – surface drip irrigation – 50% irrigation rate; V6 – non-irrigated option. Reduction the irrigation rates by 50% at surface and subsurface irrigated results in a reduction in yield by 23 and 7%, and can be used when have water deficit.
Keywords: irrigation regime; onions; technologies for irrigation
Date published: 2021-06-09
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