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Chickpea plant model for the climatic conditions of the Sadovo region according to the yield components
Sofia Petrova
Abstract: During the studyed period on the experimental field of Institute of plant genetic resources – Sadovo are studied 95 chickpea accessions with different origin from the genebank. Biometric measurements are made on some elements of productivity – plant height, height to the first pod, number of main branches; number of pods per plant; number of grains per plant and mass of 100 grains.
The data of the measurements are mathematically processed by a computer program SPSS 13.0 for Windows. A regression equation is derived which expresses influences of each individual trait against grain yield from unit area. This gives an opportunity to statistically represent how and in what direction the change of these traits, contributing for the improvement of grain yield.
The resulting equation of the statistical regression model is as follows:
Y = 47.010 + 1.297 * x1 + 0.170 * x2 + 0.888 * x3 + 2.151 * x4 – 0.831 * x5 – 0.837 * x6
As a result of the study a model of a chickpea plant is created suitable for climate conditions in the Sadovo region, characterized by high grain yield.
Keywords: chickpea; dry conditions; grain yield; plant model
Date published: 2021-06-08
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