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Influence of diatomite and its combinations with manure on the fertility of leached black earth soil (chernozem) and on the yield of vegetable crops
Elena Evgenievna Kuzina, Alexander Nikolaevich Arefyev and Evgeny Nikolaevich Kuzin
Abstract: The development and implementation of technological methods for eliminating and preventing progressive anthropogenic degradation in agrolandscapes using local raw materials and agro-ore in agricultural practice is an urgent area of modern agriculture. In this regard, the objective of the research was to study the effect and aftereffect of diatomite and its combinations with manure on the fertility of leached black earth soil (chernozem) and the yield of vegetable crops. The studies were carried out in the first agricultural soil region of the Penza region in the period from 2014 to 2018. In the experiment, diatomite from the Korzhevsky deposit in the Penza region was used as a silicon-containing fertilizer. It was established that the humus content in the second year of action of manure and of diatomite in combination with manure exceeded the initial values by 0.17-0.24%. In the first year of the experiment, the use of diatomite in the norm from 2 to 6 t/ha in combination with manure in the norm of 60 t/ha ensured the transfer of soil from a class with a weakly acid reaction to a class with a medium reaction close to neutral. The number of water-resistant units against the background of the combined action of diatomite and manure exceeded the control by 15.3-18.3%. The combined effect and aftereffect of diatomite and manure increased the yield of winter garlic by 45.9-57.9%, and of carrots – by 29.6-45.1%.
Keywords: agronomical ore; carrots; fertility; manure; winter garlic; yield
Date published: 2021-06-04
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