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Rheological and structural properties of tomato ketchup as affected by the addition of native and modified starches
Mina Dzhivoderova-Zarcheva, Kremena Nikovska and Kamelia Dimova
Abstract: It was investigated to determine the effect of several modified and/or native starches like a thickening agent, at levels of 5% on the rheological properties, consistency and syneresis of tomato ketchups. Two ketchup model systems: A (without tomato paste) and B (with tomato paste), were analyzed. Тhe model systems A and B were non-Newtonian fluids, and their viscosity variations were closely. In general, corn starches exhibited lower Bostwick values than potato starches, especially when native corn starch was applied. With higher value of Bostwick consistency was the system A with Acetylated distarch phosphate from potato starch – 8.50±0.43 сm and with lower was the system A with Acetylated distarch adipate from waxy maze starch + Native corn starch (1:1) (ADA-WMS+NCS) аnd Native corn starch (NCS) – 1.00±0.05 сm. Addition of tomato paste significantly affected the consistency and the syneresis resistancy of the systems. The highest value of the separated liquid (in %) for system B was the sample with ADP-PS (13.01±0.65%), аnd the lowest – the sample with NCS (1.77±0.09%). On the basis of these results, the most suitable for the production of ketchup tomato and in order to reduce also the modified starch, it can be used the acetylated distarch adipate from waxy corn and native corn starch in equal proportions or only native starch.
Keywords: consistency; rheological properties; starches; syneresis; tomato ketchup
Date published: 2021-02-25
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