Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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DNA fingerprinting and molecular characterization of mango (Mangifera spp.) cultivars in Vietnam using ITS DNA barcode
Viet The Ho, Ngan Tram Tu and Thi An Nguyen
Abstract: Mango (Mangifera spp.) is an important fruit tree in Vietnam. In this study, internal transcribed spacer (ITS) DNA barcode was used to characterize the genetic richness of 16 mango accessions from different provinces in Vietnam. The results show the discrimination power of ITS region. There are 14 sites of single nucleotide polymorphism detected among analyzed accessions. The dendrograms generated by cluster analysis show that the genetic similarity of samples is not strictly follow the geographical distribution of sampling sites. The obtained results provide molecular biological information for classification, identification plant origins, breeding, and conservation programs; furthermore, utilization of molecular marker analysis could provide new insights to breeders for molecular assisted selection of mango.
Keywords: diversity; DNA barcode; ITS; Mangifera indica L.; molecular markers
Date published: 2021-02-25
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