Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Population structure and diversity analysis of Indica and Japonica rice genotypes
Anirban Nath, Disharee Nath1 and Tapash Dasgupta
Abstract: Eighty one rice genotypes were studied using 30 SSR markers and data obtained were analyzed using STRUCTURE software which classified the population into two sub groups or subpopulations, designated as subpopulation 1 and 2. Subpopulation 1 mostly comprised of 60 germplasms majority of which are Indica in origin, whereas subpopulation 2 mostly comprised of tropical and temperate Japonica subspecies. Cluster analysis was performed using UPGMA and Dendrogram was constructed which consisted of 4 clusters comprising of Indica accessions in majority and 3 clusters of tropical and temperate Japonica subspecies, thereby suggesting large diversity in the population.
Keywords: AMOVA; Cluster analysis; Dendrogram; Indica; Japonica; Population structure
Date published: 2021-02-25
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