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Features of adaptation of varieties and selected forms of different types of red currants to damaging abiotic factors
Olga Panfilova, Sergey Knyazev, Olga Golyaeva, Mikhail Tsoy and Olga Kalinina
Abstract: The research was carried out at the Russian Research Institute of Fruit Crop Breeding (VNIISPK). Physiological methods of diagnostics of drought resistance and winter hardiness in red currant varieties and selected forms of Ribes vulgare Lam. (Jonkheer Van Tets, Roza, Vika), Ribes petreum Wulf (Hollandische Rote, Natalie, 1518-37-14) and Ribes multiflorum Kit. (Dana, 1426-21-80) of different genetic, ecological and geographical origin were used. Drought resistance and winter hardiness of red currants were determined in the Central region of Russia during the dormancy and vegetation periods. The prospects of using indicators of water regime in the assessment of plant state to adverse environmental factors were confirmed. The weather resistance is determined by the content of the bound water and water-retaining capacity in the plants. According to the water regime indications a high level of winter hardiness and drought resistance was revealed in the progeny of Ribes petreum Wulf. and Ribes multiflorum Kit. The representatives of Ribes vulgare Lam. showed weak adaptability to abiotic factors.
Keywords: drought resistance; genotypes; subgenus Ribesia (Berl.) Jancz.; water regime; winter hardiness
Date published: 2021-02-25
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