Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Governance transformation of the Bulgarian cooperative movement: values, principles, practices and members satisfaction
Angel Sarov
Abstract: This article presents the theoretical and practical changes in the governance transformation of agricultural cooperatives in Bulgaria from the time of the establishment of the first modern cooperative to the present day.
The author focuses on members’ satisfaction, changes in governance structure in accordance with cooperative values principles and practices. The article shows the driving forces behind the change in agricultural cooperatives. The research methodology includes qualitative methods: in-depth interviews, observational narrative analysis, statistical information, and literature review. The results show that the transformation of the governance structure, in accordance with the cooperative values, principles and practices, has a direct impact on the number of Bulgarian agricultural cooperatives and the members’ satisfaction/ dissatisfaction.
The members’ satisfaction is enhanced by the fact that cooperative principles and values are applied in practical activities, which are regulated, moreover, by the law and charters of cooperatives. If all the principles are observed and used in the operational activity of the cooperative enterprise, then such a cooperative enterprise becomes more sustainable. The facts of the reduction of cooperative membership and the enterprises themselves, in this context, can be explained by their dissatisfaction.
Keywords: agricultural cooperatives; cooperative values; l governance structure; members satisfaction; principles and practices
Date published: 2021-02-25
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