Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Comparison of phenolic content and antioxidant activity of matcha, green leaf and white leaf tea infusions
Maria Sielicka-Różyńska, Eylul Isik and Julia Szulc
Abstract: Tea infusion, as a valuable source of bioactive compounds, substantially contributes to daily polyphenols intake. Among green teas, matcha, which is grounded Tencha tea grown under shaded conditions, gains popularity not only as an infusion but also as an additive to food products. This paper compares the antioxidant activity of matcha, green leaf and white leaf tea and assesses the effect of water temperature on extraction of phenolic compounds. Moreover, based on the results, the contribution to daily polyphenol intake of infusions was calculated. The samples were brewed with water at 60°C, 75°C and 90°C. The temperature of water significantly (p < 0.0001) impacted the properties of infusions. Regardless the brewing conditions, matcha infusions were found to contain significantly higher total phenolic content and exhibited stronger ferric reducing antioxidant power compared to green and white leaf tea infusions. Our experiment showed that 172 to 196 ml of matcha infusion depending on the water temperature can provide a sufficient amount of polyphenols to fulfill daily polyphenol intake from tea for the typical Polish consumer, which suggests that matcha is a suitable ingredient in a healthy diet.
Keywords: antioxidant activity; daily polyphenols intake; matcha; tea infusion
Date published: 2021-02-17
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