Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Morphological and histological characteristics of goose fatty liver
Vasko Gerzilov, Atanas Bochukov, Petar Petrov and Georgi Penchev
Abstract: A study related to the qualification of 399 samples fattened liver of geese was conducted. Marketable fatty liver of grade A constitutes 70.17% with an average weight of 585.0±7.4 g, and grade B – 16.04% with 527.3±9.3 g. The non-marketable liver of grade C (less than 400 g – not considered for foie gras) and unfattened liver make up respectively – 11.03% and 2.76%. Histology observation of livers of qualities A and B showed that the cytoplasm of all hepatocytes contained many fatty droplets in different size which fill the entire cell. The cell plasmalemma in livers with grade A was intact, despite intense fatty infiltration, while in grade B in some cases, integrity was compromised.
Keywords: cramming; foie gras; force feeding; geese; histostructure of liver
Date published: 2021-02-17
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