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Prediction of body weight through body measurements in Boerawa (Boer Etawah crossbred) bucks at Tanggamus Regency of Indonesia
Kusuma Adhianto, Idalina Harris, Priyo Nugroho and Widya Pintaka Bayu Putra
Abstract: This research was carried out to investigate the estimation of the body weight (BW) of Boerawa (Boer x Ettawa grade) bucks by statistical methods. The bucks (n = 120) falling in two grades (G1 and G2) were included in the present investigation to estimate BW using body measurements. Average BW, heart girth (HG), body length (BL) and withers height (WH) of all goats were 38.00±3.78 kg; 75.07±3.78 cm; 65.02±2.47 cm and 68.47±3.92 cm respectively. Highest and positive correlation coefficient value between BW and HG were observed in G2 bucks (0.69) and all goats (0.85). Independent sample T-test cedure was adopted to eliminate unfit linear regression models in both grades. Model A, D, E and G (R2 > 0.70) were found to be best accounting for prediction the BW in G2 buck. It was concluded that HG is the best trait for the predicting BW in G2 buck. The most appropriate combination of body characteristics was observed between HG, BL and WH (model G with R2 = 0.77) for the prediction of BW in all animals and G2 buck.
Keywords: body measurements; body weight; Boerawa buck; coefficient of determination; regression
Date published: 2021-02-17
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