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The effects of sodium selenate application on yield, feed quality and selenium content of silage maize
Aise Deliboran
Abstract: This study conducted field experiments to investigate the effect of sodium selenate application on silage maize yield, selenium content of maize herbage and feed quality for animal nutritient. Eight selenium levels (0-5- 10-15-25-50-75-100 g Se ha-1) were used. Selenate was applied from foliar when plant height reached 50-70 cm. Applications did not affect the green herbage and dry matter yield, statistically. But applications had a significant effect on the selenium content of maize herbage, statistically. Total selenium values ranged between 31-333 μg Se kg-1 and the highest value was obtained from 100 g Se ha-1 application. Increasing of the selenium content of maize herbage with the application is the most important finding in terms of selenium nutrition of animals. Also applications have affected crude ash, crude protein, crude fat, crude cellulose, metebolic energy, neutral detergent fiber, acid detergent fiber and acid detergent lignin values, statistically. The highest crude ash, crude fat and crude cellulose value was obtained with 10 g Se ha-1application. It is understood that 45.27% neutral detergent fiber values obtained from 15 g Se ha-1 applications are within sufficient limits in terms of consumability in animal nutrition. Acid detergent fiber values of 19.61% and 16.35% obtained from 10 g Se ha-1 application were found to be within sufficient limits for digestibility in animal nutrition. It was observed that the acid detergent lignin values obtained from the study were slightly higher than the reported values, and that the acid detergent lignin values of the lignin contents which were not digested by animals were not within sufficient limits. As a result, it is clearly seen that selenium applications do not affect green herbage yield, applications are effective especially in terms of Se content and feed quality of maize herbage and sodium foliar applications are effective in this regard.
Keywords: foliar application; forage quality; maize; selenium; yield
Date published: 2021-02-17
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