Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Studying the world collection of millet with a view to select forms immune to lose smut
Elmira Dyussibayeva, Abilbashar Seitkhozhayev, Aiman Rysbekova, Aigul Tleppayeva, Gulzat Yessenbekova and Irina Zhirnova
Abstract: The article presents a study of loose smut resistance of 170 millet varieties of the national and international collections in the infectious environment of Akmola region. The inoculation of millet seeds was carried out using the method of artificial contamination with spores of local population of loose smut. The results of the study showed that the genotypes of the national collection did not include immune varieties; the most resistant were the 36 varieties of the international collection as well as the two varieties of the collection of the All-Russian Institute of Plant Genetic Resources (VIR). The results of the immunological assessment indicate that the major part of the working collection used in the study demonstrated a medium level of susceptibility to the local pathotypes of the pathogen.
Keywords: loose smut; millet; resistance; selection
Date published: 2021-02-17
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