Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Design of an energy efficient building equipped with air conditioning system for growing Kladnitsa mushrooms
Vanya Dimova, Dimitar Georgiev, Rashko Georgiev and Stoyan Grigorov
Abstract: The purpose of the study is to create appropriate technological parameters in a building for intensive year-round cultivation of “Kladnitsa” mushroom by air-conditioning the room. To achieve this goal, an original energy efficient building was developed, consisting of a lightweight type of glasshouse with a reinforced concrete floor and a steel supporting structure. The mushrooms are grown in polyethylene bags on 4 pieces of three-storey metal racks all year-round. Based on the research, a HVAC (heating-ventilation-air-conditioning) system for year-round maintenance of the microclimate in the mushroom facility was proposed and developed. The obtained results show that the selected building materials are suitable for a year-round intensive cultivation of “Kladnitsa” mushroom. It allows successful air conditioning in the year-round. Its cooling in the summer is possible and economically feasible to be done with groundwater with tgw= 10-12°C. Known deviations of 3°C from the optimum internal temperature are observed on hotter days. Higher heat and cooling loads during the cultivation are in the fruiting phase, so it is recommended that the sizing of the equipment be carried out at this phase. Evaporative cooling of the room by spraying water is successful, because it simultaneously lowers the temperature and increases the humidity. Third heat exchanger is also recommended (in the part of the general circulating air), which in the case of insufficient heat influxes from the outside, to raise the temperature of the treated air sufficiently to reach the recommended microclimatic parameters in the room.
Keywords: glasshouse; heating-ventilation-air-conditioning; microclimate; technological parameters
Date published: 2020-12-15
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