Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Constructive layout of a combined planter for complex grass mixtures
Galya Hristova, Manol Dallev, Dimitar Zyapkov and Ivan Mitkov
Abstract: The specific features, of the sowing of complex grass mixtures, require the usage of specialized planters. One of the most important features for the functionality of those machines is the creation of the working bodies for them. The aim of this article is to create and establish the technical parameters of a seed box – equipped with an arch-destroying stirrer, which would be a part of the created by us experimental combined seeder - STS-80. To be able to determine the volume of the seed box the principles of dynamic construction and engineering modeling of prefabricated technical details have been applied. The results give us the opportunity for the production of a seed box with sufficient volume for sowing two strips with a total area of 2 hectares with the EU standard width of 40 cm each. The precise parameters of the newly constructed arch-destroying stirrer, its positioning in the seed box and the way of its drive have been established. The functional capabilities of the new combined planter have been extended thanks to the parameters of its working bodies and their mutual staffing. The STS-80 can not only be used for turf sowing of decorative lands but also for the erosion grassing of terraces, slopes and headlands in agricultural areas.
Keywords: parameters; planter; seed box; stirrer
Date published: 2020-12-15
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