Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Express assessment of some building parameters in milking parlors for cows
Dimitar Georgiev, Vanya Dimova, Kancho Peychev and Galina Dineva
Abstract: The analysis of the construction and planning parameters of milking parlor with different capacity and configuring the animals on the milking platforms was carried out. The studies are complemented by an assessment of the construction parameters in different variants of the input - output traffic of the animals to the milking parlor. The subject of the analysis is to determine the quantity for the different variants of the situation. On this basis, regression equations for express estimation of the change of the basic building materials (concrete and reinforcing steel) with changing the capacity of the milking parlor are derived. The equations are universal and could be used extensively to initially estimate the intrinsic the basic building materials (concrete and reinforcing steel) in the construction of the floor profile.
Keywords: express estimation; milking parlor; planning parameters; regression equations
Date published: 2020-12-15
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