Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Comparative analysis of the efforts in the reinforced concrete of the milking platform in the parallel and tandem milking parlor
Dimitar Georgiev
Abstract: The aim of this study was to investigate efforts in reinforced concrete of platforms in milking parlor "Parallel" and "Tandem". To achieve the objective models have been developed for describing the coordinates of their limbs, to the outline of the milking platform. By specialized software are introduced static models (load combinations) for loading reinforced concrete of the milking platform. Calculated bending moments are introduced to computational load impacts. Studies prove that the location and size of the load directly affect the operational status of the construction of milking platforms. Found that for the same number of animals (equal load) at milking parlor "Parallel" the value of the lower bending moments (MhD = M11) is three times smaller (0.15 kN.m) than in "Tandem" (0.45 kN.m). In a third combination in operation load is reduced by 50% and the lower bending moments and MxD, MyD reduce nearly 5 times. The largest absolute value of bending moments amounts to 1.37 kN.m., from which it follows that adopted reinforcement 5 pieces N8 / m completely "cover (enough)" requirements and can accommodate bending moments to 5.23 kN.m. or nearly three times more than estimated.
Keywords: load model; milking parlor; milking platform; reinforced concrete
Date published: 2020-12-15
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