Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Investigation of possible use of compound feeds with different level of high-protein sunflower meal in broiler chickens nutrition
Nikolay Kyrkelanov, Sashka Chobanova and Alexander Atanasoff
Abstract: The aim of the present study was to evaluate the possibility for using compound feeds with various levels of high-protein sunflower oil and its effect on main productive traits of broiler chickens. The experiment was carried out in the Experimental Base of the Faculty of Agriculture with 4 groups Ross 308 broiler chickens (30 birds in group, one control and 3 experimental). On the basis of chemical analysis of feed ingredients, isocaloric and isoprotein rations were formulated according to hybrid’s requirements. The protein component of control ration was based on soybean meal as the only source of dietary protein. The birds from experimental groups were fed as follows: group I - compound feed with 5, 8 and 12% pelleted high-protein sunflower oil during the starter, grower and finisher periods, respectively; group II – as the Ist group, but with higher level of high-protein sunflower oil -15, 20 and 22%, respectively; group III - high-protein sunflower oil was the only protein feed (32.95%, 28.55% and 26.50%), respectively. The replacement of soybean meal with pelleted high-protein sunflower oil in the isocaloric/isoprotein diet of broiler chickens resulted in reduction of body weight, most pronounced in experimental group III.
Keywords: broiler chickens; feed conversion ratio; high-protein sunflower meal; live weight
Date published: 2020-12-15
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