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Egg productivity of XL chicken population
Ivelina Pavlova and Hristo Lukanov
Abstract: The production of table eggs is relatively conservative, based on hybrid forms laying eggs with white or brown shells. In a number of countries, consumers interest in eggs with shells different than the standard shell color, such as chocolate, cream, or blue-green. In order to produce auto-sexing Easter egger layers, a chicken population labeled XL was created. The purpose of this study was to investigate the egg production capacity of the XL population. A 52-week productive period was covered, from reaching 50% laying intensity until 72 weeks of age. The total of 45 hens were tested, divided into three subgroups of 15 each, reared on deep litter. The conducted research on the productive characteristics of the XL population could be summarized as follows: age at 50% production was reached on 147±2.12 days of age; the average number of eggs per Hen Housed for 52 weeks was 296.89±3.33, while the number of settable eggs per Hen Housed was 279.49±0.44; the average intensity of laying for the testing period was 81.56±0.89% with reached peak production of 92.38±1.36%; the average egg weight was 61.06±0.6 g; the produced average eggs mass per Hen Housed was 18.13±0.03 kg; feed consumption for the period was 44.02±0.43 kg per hen. Calculated Feed Conversion Ratio for producing of one kg egg mass and for one egg was 2.43±0.04 kg and 148.27±1.77 g, respectively. The differences between the subgroups on the traits studied were not statistically significant (P>0.05). The eggshell color was green to gray-green. The average live weight at reaching 50% egg productivity was 1.646±0.012 kg and at the end of the period - 2.082±0.021 kg, respectively. Taking into account the results obtained, it can be concluded that the participation of the XL population in breeding schemes for the production of Easter egger hybrids would not adversely affect the egg productivity of the layers.
Keywords: body weight; egg laying capacity; egg mass; egg weight; FCR
Date published: 2020-12-15
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