Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Risk working conditions in dairy cattle farming-a review
Dimo Dimov, Ivaylo Marinov and Toncho Penev
Abstract: Dairy production is one of the most difficult sectors of agriculture, in particular of animal husbandry. 87% of accidents at work in animal husbandry are caused by cattle. Dairy cattle farming work, especially milking, is physically difficult and involves awkward postures and moves. In the people involved in this activity, and in particular the daily milking of cows, it has been found that most of them complain of pain in the musculoskeletal system. In spite of the reported labor relief in the loose-housing dairy production systems where milking is carried out in a standing position, the workload among workers is localized in the upper limbs, resulting in the majority of them complaining of pain in the musculoskeletal system. Microclimate and lighting conditions are very important because they often are the basis for various occupational diseases. Not in all farms, natural and artificial light and microclimate are satisfactory. The level of illumination in the building under the conditions of tie-housing production system and in milking parlor is essential on the one hand for the normal course of milking as a process, and on the other hand it should not be forgotten that it is the production of raw material, which is basis of various food products. There are not a few cases in which workers in dairy cattle farms develop respiratory problems and diseases due to high level of dust in the air. Under the conditions of current animal husbandry, the noise becomes more and more large but less noticed problem. A number of studies have shown a strong decrease in hearing and even hearing loss even in farmers and longtime workers. Exposure not only to very high but also constant noise leads not only to reduced hearing, but also to the development of certain diseases, such as high blood pressure and other psychosomatic disorders. Extending and deepening studies of working conditions in dairy cattle farming can contribute to improving these conditions and reducing the unattractiveness of this profession.
Keywords: dairy cows; milking parlors; working conditions
Date published: 2020-12-15
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