Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Economic aspects of extruded soybeans usage in livestock and poultry
Olena Berbenets, Andriy Pugach and Olesya Lebedenko
Abstract: The market of products for soya processing which are used for feeding animals and poultry has been researched in this article. It was identified soy сake quality criteria. It was proved the need to check the products of soybean processing not only by urease activity but also by such important criteria as the existence and presence of trypsin inhibitors; PDI solubility in water and solubility in KOH. The complex of measures aimed at increasing the profitability of livestock production in Ukraine is justified: the European level standards for the quality of soybean processing must be adopted at the legislative level, to create the laboratories capable of carrying out all necessary studies, to enhance quality assurance.
Keywords: anti-nutritional factors (ANF); efficiency; oy meal; quality of soybean processing; soy cake; TIU; urease activity
Date published: 2020-10-19
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