Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Genotype by environment interaction for grain yield in winter oat
Boryana Dyulgerova and Todorka Savova
Abstract: The objective of this study was to examine the magnitude of genotype by environment interaction for grain yield and determine the adaptation of breeding lines of winter oat, grown in Southeast Bulgaria, using AMMI and GGE biplot methods. The study included 20 oat genotypes (18 breeding lines and 2 check varieties), analyzed in eight years through field trials arranged in a complete block design, with four replications. Grain yield of the tested genotypes varied from 1312 kg/ha to 8394 kg/ha throughout the eight growing seasons. In the AMMI analysis of variance, 67.23% of the total yield variation was explained by environment, 9.63% by differences between genotypes, and 23.13% by genotype by environment interaction. The first six interaction principal component axes were significant and cumulatively contributed to 98.53% of the total genotype by environmental interaction. AMMI and GGE biplots were powerful enough for visualizing the response patterns of genotypes. The line G3 ranked first in grain yield and showed relative stability and can be selected for further evaluation for variety release. The line G13 and G16 are suggested for further inclusion in the breeding program of winter oat due to its high grain yield and intermediate stability.
Keywords: AMMI analysis; barley; GGE analysis; mutant; stability; yield
Date published: 2020-10-19
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