Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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A comparative study of free and immobilized brewing yeast fermentation performance based on kinetic parameters
Luljeta Pinguli, Rozana Troja, Ilirjan Malollari, Vilma Gurazi and Terkida Vaso
Abstract: The study was focused on comparing two different immobilized brewing yeast Saccharomyces carlsbergensis fermentations with traditional free cell fermentation in experimental scale. The immobilization techniques used were: entrapment and capsulation method in alginate support. The objective was to choose the most suitable immobilization technique that protects the yeast cells providing a good fermentation performance compared to free yeast cell fermentation.
Kinetic parameters investigation of free and immobilized Saccharomyces carlsbergensis was done based on growth kinetics, ethanol productivity and substrate consumption (glucose) using computer simulation for different kinetic models. Entrapment and capsulation immobilization techniques are applicable, effective and of economic benefit. These techniques protected the morphology of cells, and supported cells growth and budding. In normal fermentation conditions entrapment immobilization is similar with free yeast cell fermentation. In inhibitory condition both immobilized methods are more effective than free yeast cell traditional fermentation. Better results give capsulation immobilization method. These results are supported also by kinetic parameter investigation.
Keywords: capsulation; entrapment; fermentation; kinetic parameters; modeling; yeast immobilization
Date published: 2020-08-31
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