Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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The influence of sowing time and micro-fertilizers on soybean productivity in the northern steppe of Ukraine
Tamara Shepilova, Mykola Mostipan, Dmytro Petrenko and Kateryna Vasylkovska
Abstract: Field studies conducted in 2016-2018 in the conditions of the northern Steppe of Ukraine with the mid-season soybean variety Romashka showed that the periods of sowing and application of micro-fertilizers have a significant impact on the growth and development of plants and their productivity. In particular, the efficiency of micro-fertilizer Quantum was higher than the early sowing at the soil temperature of 8–10°С (April 20) with the integrated application of seed treatment and crops, when a larger mass of plants was formed.The number of vacuoles and the number and weight of seeds of one plant increased. The shift of sowing to May 1, when the soil temperature was 10–12°С, resulted in a decrease in all indicators and a decrease in the efficiency of micro-fertilizers. The highest productivity was obtained at the sowing time on April 20 and the treatment of seeds and crops by micro-fertilizer, Quantum, was 2.22 tons per hectare, and the increase in crop productivity was significant and amounted to 0.28 t/ha (14.4%).
Keywords: microelements; plant weight; productivity; sowing time; soybean
Date published: 2020-08-28
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