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Application of Lumbrical and Lumbrex biofertilizers and their influence on the nutritional value and quality indicators in artificial grassland of birds-foot-trefoil (Lotus corniculatus L.)
Tatyana Bozhanska
Abstract: The experiment was carried out during the period of 2014-2016 in the experimental field of the Department of Mountain Grass Associations and Maintenance of Their Biological Diversity at RIMSA – Troyan. The influence of Lumbrical and Lumbrex biofertilizers on the artificial grassland of Lotus corniculatus L., Leo cultivar, was studied. The consistency and dose of tested bioproducts have been found to influence the effectiveness of their effect and the quality of production. For the threeyear study period, data suggests a higher amount of neutral and acid detergent fibers, acid detergent lignin, and cellulose in the dry feed mass of the soil treatment variants versus foliar application.
The treatment of bird‘s-foot-trefoil by a liquid fraction of Lumbrex 150 ml/da, in bud-formation period, decreased the values of the basic structural components of the cell walls respectively by 32.4% (ADL), 14.7% (ADF), 8.4% (Cellulose) and 8.2% (NDF) compared to the control. The biomass of the variant is characterized by the highest in vitro dry matter digestibility – 703.36 g kg-1 DM (6.7% above the control variant) and with the lowest lignification degree (the coefficient of lignification degree is 26.8% lower compared to the control).
Biological products imported had an insignificant effect on the amount of exchange energy (EE) and feed unit for milk (FUM) and growth (FUG). The total energy value (GE – gross energy) of bird‘s-foot-trefoil in treated grasslands exceeded the basic variant (19.05 MJ/kg DM) with 0.3% (Lumbrex 150 ml/da) to 2.4% (Lumbrical 150 ml/m2).
Keywords: bio-fertilization; Lotus corniculatus L.; nutritional value
Date published: 2020-08-28
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