Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Color Doppler anatomical assessment of the vessels in the rabbit liver
Kamelia Stamatova-Yovcheva, Rosen Dimitrov, Radoslav Mihaylov and Omer Gurkan Dilek
Abstract: The aim of the present study was to investigate the geometry, topography and trajectory of the rabbit liver’s vessels by color Doppler US. Ten sexually mature healthy clinically New Zealand white rabbits, aged 8 months and weighed from 2.8 kg to 3.2 kg have been studied. The results were related to the color geometry of the vessels, which was used to define their topography. The visualization of the rabbit liver blood and biliary vessels was real and corresponded to the variations of the color Doppler spectrum from blue to red gamma. The hemodynamic data were simultaneous to the morphological results. Both they represented anatomical information for the studied vessels. The present investigation is with practical application in the morphological science. It is summarized that the Doppler US study of the rabbit liver is suitable to obtain detail information for the anatomical and physiological characteristics of the organ. In conclusion the results could be used as a morphological base for investigation in human and rabbits.
Keywords: Color Doppler ultrasound; liver; rabbit; vessels
Date published: 2020-06-30
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