Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Comparative study of rations for milking cows with soybean meal or cake added to the diet in equivalent amounts for metabolizable protein
Evgeniy Kharitonov
Abstract: The studies were carried out on two groups of novice cows (n = 0, average weight of 650 kg, average daily yield of 26 kg) from 30 to 100 days of lactation. The diet of the cows of the first group included soybean meal, and diet of the cows of the second group – the soybean cake in equivalent quantities for the exchange protein, previously estimated in experiments on operated cows. There were no significant differences in the parameters of enzymatic-microbiological processes in rumen, biochemical indicators of blood, milk productivity and milk composition.
Keywords: dairy cows; metabolizable protein; milk production; rumen digestion; soybean cake; soybean meal
Date published: 2019-12-20
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