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A study on the effects of water quality, cultivars, organic and chemical fertilizers on potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) growth and yield to calculate the economic feasibility
Imad J. C. Al-Naely, Bassim H. Kshash, Duraid K. A. AL-Taey
Abstract: A field experiment was conducted to study the effects of quality of irrigation water at two levels (1.2 and 8 dS.m-1) as the main plot and two testing cultivars of potatoes (Burren and Arizona) as sub-plots. The fertilizer combinations from interacting the organic fertilizers and chemical fertilizers were used as sub-sub plots to study the traits of growth and yield. The tolerance level of potato to the salt stress was also assessed in the absence of salt stress experiments on potato plant in middle and southern Iraq. The study results inferred that the salinity of irrigation water caused a decrease in all the traits of vegetative growth and yield. The quality of fresh irrigation water has excelled on all studied traits. The results showed significant differences between the two cultivars (Burren and Arizona) in some of the mentioned traits. The Burren cultivar achieved the highest averages in all the traits of vegetative growth and total yield for the tubers. The combinations of fertilizers achieved significant differences where the interaction between NPK fertilizer (50%) and rice wastes got significantly excelled in most traits of the vegetative growth, especially under saline stress.
Keywords: chemical fertilizers; economic feasibility; organic matter; oxidative stress; salinity
Date published: 2019-12-20
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