Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Determination of factors affecting on dried beans production decisions in Turkey
Cahit Gungor, Ali Berk
Abstract: In this study, it was examined the dried beans farms in 7 provinces which constitute 61% of total production of Turkey, and putting forwarded the factors affecting on socioeconomic characteristics of producers and farmers’ production decisions. In the context of those findings obtained, solution proposals for dried beans production were developed. According to results, average farm size investigated was 132 da and 25.3 da for dried beans area as well. Average yield of dried beans farms were calculated as 244.4 kg/da. The factors affecting on decision of farmers were founded as numbers of family member, finance, habit, age, and dried beans farming experience, family labor, and transportation and information source, respectively.
Keywords: dried beans; legumes; logit; regression; Turkey
Date published: 2019-12-19
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