Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Modern tendencies of the development of a food belt in Kazakhstan
Kansulu М. Utepkaliyeva, Gulmira K. Kabdullina, Madina B. Tolysbayeva, Mafura K. Uandykova, Rysty К. Sabirova, Kasiya A. Kirdasinova
Abstract: The economic development in the medium-term period in the Republic of Kazakhstan will be balanced and is directed to domestic demand with the orientation to the increasing investments into industrial and infrastructural projects at the expense of private and public funds that is updated in the author’s research. Taking into account the specialization of the regions defined in the Expected scheme of territorial and spatial development of the country till 2020, the development of agro-industrial complex with the increase of its efficiency and productivity, innovative modernization, deepening of the processing of agricultural products and creation of a highly productive “food belt” around the city of Astana is considered the perspective direction. As a result of the conducted researches practical aspects and importance of management of the region are determined, on the basis of which the corresponding conclusions are drawn.
Keywords: agro-industrial complex; capital; food; food belt; national economy
Date published: 2019-12-11
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