Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Weed flora in the agro-ecosystems of Eastern Europe: a case study of the Lipetsk region, Russian federation
Vladimir Kravchenko, Roman Shchuchka, Natalja Luneva, Boris Sotnikov, Vyacheslav Zakharov, Еvgeniya Mysnik
Abstract: Global climate change entails changes in the plant species composition in different areas. From this perspective, both need monitoring, this study uses a modern scientific approach to the concept of “weed” and “agroecosystem” to explore the current species composition of agroecosystems’ weeds of the Lipetsk region, Russian Federation. The research framework includes field data on ruderal and segetal communities. Data collection sites are farms. Information gathering embraces weed taxonomy, floristic diversity and species frequency. A comparative analysis of these data allows finding similarities and differences in weed species composition between different habitats.
Keywords: agroecosystem; floristic analysis; phytosanitary certification; ruderal habitats; segetal habitats; species composition; weeds
Date published: 2019-12-11
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